A subscription plan for digital security and privacy is 89% cheaper thanks to PureVPN's Black Friday promotion.

With amazing bargains offering the lowest prices ever for their incredibly outstanding VPN, PureVPN has launched its Black Friday promotion in grand style. You can take advantage of all the wonderful features of this well regarded VPN for just $1.24 per month. These offers are so alluring because, if you sign up during the brief sale period, you will receive 5 full years of the privacy and security of premium VPN services at this unbeatably low cost.

Along with some amazing new security features, PureVPN has undergone an aesthetic makeover to celebrate its 15th anniversary. As a result, you can now enjoy internet freedom while also strengthening the protection of your online passwords. Among its recently upgraded security features are:

PureKeep is a brand-new, high-end password manager that enables you to make vaults, which are secure, encrypted folders to which you may add any important or private information. It’s simple to add or remove trusted devices with PureKeep.

PurePrivacy: You can customise the social media settings to your liking or let PurePrivacy activate the most suitable settings for you with a single tap. You can then make useful tweaks, such as preventing advertising from monitoring you.

Secure any important files using PureEncrypt, and lock entire directories and folders with automatically created passwords in encrypted vaults.

PureVPN is a reputable service that safeguards your online privacy in addition to security. There are more than 3 million PureVPN users in 78 different countries that have access to more than 6,500 servers. One of the top audit firms in the world, KPMG, has certified it as being no-log. This indicates that PureVPN does not keep a record of any data that is sent across the network. So no one is aware of your whereabouts or your internet activities. These days of intense surveillance, many people now regard anonymity as precious.

One of the few VPNs that employs a “always-on” technology is PureVPN. This allows users to secure a VPN connection automatically whenever any kind of online activity is carried out, ensuring that no data is ever transferred using their public IP.

Wherever you are in the world, PureVPN connects you quickly to your preferred streaming services like Netflix or Disney+ without revealing your location or leaving any sort of digital trace. Users can simultaneously be logged into 10 devices with its multi-login capability. Additionally, because of its extremely fast 20Gbps connection and ISP throttling protection, your gaming or binge-watching session won’t be impacted.

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