The most recent update to Google Maps purifies its shared location pins.

Not only is Google Maps the best navigation app for smartphones right now, but it’s also the simplest method to locate your nearest and dearest. Location sharing on Maps is a key feature of the app, whether you’re planning a summer camping trip or keeping an eye on your children as they go for an international study trip. Your shared pins now have a more modern appearance that replaces the old icon with something a little more tasteful thanks to a recent upgrade.

In the past, shared places on Maps were represented by a white pin with the contact’s profile picture in the centre. It was extremely reminiscent of actual maps—layouts on which you could place a few marks to keep track of your current location and past locations. While the new design retains certain aspects of the old one, one of our tipsters noticed it today. It largely does away with the traditional white border that made profile photographs stand out on your display.

A normal display showing the whereabouts of your friends on a map and a view with extra information when you select a contact’s location are the two main visual styles present here. The latter inserts a tiny pin pointing to the person’s position below the picture without a white border and without encircling it.

Since change is being made merely for the sake of change, this update is very shallow. Although it better matches the style of the current Google Maps, it also prevents the avatar from striking out on the map. It’s an unusual decision given that the white pin icon still remains below the person’s name when you tap on it, but some users might like this simpler, cleaner appearance.

These modifications have been seen in Maps 11.38.2, which became available on the Play Store yesterday. It should be accessible to everyone, but given that Google frequently uses server-side updates to implement even the tiniest UI changes, don’t be shocked if it takes a few weeks for everyone to get the update.

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