WhatsApp is developing a feature that will make you into a sticker.

Over the past few years, WhatsApp, one of the most widely used instant messaging services in the world, has continuously added new features, despite experiencing its fair share of problems.

The chat app, which is owned by Meta, has introduced or been shown to be developing a number of features during the past few months.

There are additional new features being built that have been cordoned off, albeit some of these new improvements are accessible through beta channels like the Google Play Beta programme. One new function that we are currently discovering has to do with the application of customised avatars as stickers.

There have been rumours regarding WhatsApp potentially allowing users to utilise avatars during video calls. The ability to convert an avatar into a sticker, however, has recently shown up in a late report from WABetaInfo. The feature was found in WhatsApp for Android beta version, however it is not yet widely usable and there is no information on when the upgrade will become available to more beta testers. However, the wait shouldn’t be too long given the company’s track record of adding new functionality to its chat client.

Screenshots show how users can choose to utilise their avatar as a sticker. Our deduction suggests that avatar-based stickers will be sold as a single set that includes the avatar in several positions and a range of accoutrements.

Users will be able to designate their avatars as their default profile pictures in addition to sending these stickers within individual or group chats.

Social media is all about customization, so it’s about time WhatsApp catch up to rival messaging services like Telegram. But if you adore the aesthetic depends on your preferences.

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